About Me


Hey there, everyone!

My full name is Adolfo Franco Escamilla Carranza—yeah, like the goddamned Mexican comedian Franco Escamilla.

I was born in Guaymas, Sonora State, Mexico, in 1995. I never got to know my hometown, since my family and I only lived there for about a year. I'd rather self-identify as being either from Morelia, Michoacán, or from Mexico City, the places on which I've lived the longest.

I wrote my first poem to my first younghood love when I was 15. It was as romantic and naïve as it could get. And the rhymes were on fucking point. I'm proud of it—I didn't get the girl, though.

The content of my art rapidly delved into darker and gloomier themes as depression and a persistent feeling of desolation took hold of my mind and soul. By the time I turned 19, my style had become unbearably intricate and encrypted by layers of distorted intellectuality, nourished in turn by dozens of read philosophic treatises.

Don't take me wrong. I loved my work, and it went a long way in helping me deal with unprocessed emotions and traumas. Yet it was all part of an unfinished emotional quest I had with myself.

At age 21 I dived into my first relationship, and my urge to write ceased completely and abruptly. Love did a lot to heal my soul.

At age 25, I began writing again, but by this time my style had absorbed several influences beyond the realm of Western Philosophy and Social Sciences. My spirit gained clarity, maturity, and inner peace, and so did my writing.

The time seems now right for me to begin sharing my work; a work that contributed to save my own life. Of Wolves & Birds emcompasses this personal journey and the hope of helping others find their own path. To me, the Wolf represents nobility and assertiveness; huge responsibility and resilience. The Bird was inspired by my reading of The Conference of the Birds, a traditional Persian poem writen by Sufi poet Farid ud-Din Attar, which narrates the story of a group of birds that dared to trascend their particular attachments and seek a truthful and meaningful life.

Personally, I refuse to pigeonhole myself and others into any sort of duality (the Wolf and the Bird) or prescribed model. Still, I find the rethoric behind the 'Of Wolves & Birds' name genuinely appealing, so I went ahead and made it the blog's title.

Well, this is it for me. Now's your turn to keep on exploring and finding new adventures. May Happiness always dwell in your heart,

With Love,