• Adolfo Franco Escamilla Carranza

Asymmetrical Apology

Obsession with symmetry defeats the rareness of its inherent perfection, thus rendering it progressively barren to the mature eye. This is why, I believe, the striking simplicity of symmetry oftentimes no longer suffices as a means to convey beauty—even balance and proportion.

Long are gone the days where order was the most cherised attribute of an artistic subject. Platonic mimesis' ties with symmetry-enabled artistic expression have been for the most part severed. Avant-garde aesthetic chaos has become since the last century an escape pod for art, ensuring its survivability and further development beyond the realm of rigorousness. This rebellious movement has more in common with a revolution that seeks to free us from our own buit-in perfectionism than with a revolution that aims at freeing ourselves from any external oppressor.

Such an episode has brought disruption, albeit sublimated in the all-too-famous "creative destruction" phenomenon, now displayed alongside a new array of standards for brilliance appraisal in artistic scenery composition.

'Bad and good' categories are ultimately useless as artistic evaluative tools when it comes to judging the effects of this disruptive phase. Perhaps one of asymmetry's most prominent normative byproducts was not merely the futilization of the idea of art as a projection of aspirational symmetry-based balance and proportion, but of art as a mirrored reflection of moral perfectionism.

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