• Adolfo Franco Escamilla Carranza

Functional Destruction

Perhaps the greatest irony embedded within the intimidating imperviousness of Brutalism is the fact that it cannot help but represent a sustained form of decay.

From Jeanneret-Gris' Plan Voisin to WWII bunkers, Brutalism has portrayed inescapable postwar destruction as its essence—destruction phrased not merely in architectural terms, but ideological and axiological ones.

To be sure, it cannot be argued that Brutalism's raison être was to preserve destruction per se as a legitimate foundation for the upcoming postwar-age European societies. A more reasonable stance would suggest its aim was to infuse order onto the unavoidable state of moral destruction to which European societies were subjected at the time.

We tend to figure decay as impending collapse or unfolding chaos; yet, decay may become structured, tangible, and concrete-solid. So long as humanity could not find a solution to destruction, it had to hold it firm as best it could and take shelter beneath it. Brutalism's most remarkable archievement in this regard is the reification and structuring of an otherwise fluid process of which nothingness would be its predictable outcome. Humanity sought indeed to rebuild, but it had not yet answered the how-to's pertaining to such a quest.

Brutalism temporarily paused what was meant to break down, gaining time for the creation of a new dawn. This begs the question: Did that dawn ever come at all, or are we still falling?...

📸&✍ by Adolfo Franco Escamilla Carranza

📸: «Functional Destruction»,

Canon EOS Rebel T3i, manual mode, 1/80 seg, f/5, ISO 100, 50mm lens, taken 09:21am on a misty morning.

Photo edited on Affinity Photo v. 1.10.3.

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